Study with FM, is a London based company specialising in student recruitment and support. We are fully committed to the academic success of our clients and have experience working with students from all around the world.

MS. MAHIN SHAFIEI , The founder of Study with FM has a tremendous amount of experience with over 20 years working in education. Her mission is to help young people secure a promising future. A believer in the premise that education can transform lives, Ms. Shafiei delights in working with students and their parents in helping them achieve their goals.

Maximize your child’s success through our academic planning process. By targeting weaknesses and developing tools to ensure each child is excelling as quickly as possible, Study with FM works with your child to ensure results. By getting the right advice, putting education first, and committing to the right program, your child will be able to work through challenges and make improvements that will not only positively impact their current school life, but university and post-education life as well.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission here at Study with FM is to ensure that our clientele get their desired outcome. We make sure that all our agents are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to help each individual grow and establish their own strengths. We are affiliated to several educational institutes and universities globally which enable us to get our students the best possible offer.

Our Vision

Our Vision

At Study with FM, we don’t have our focus on a single vision. This is due to every client having a specific vision for themselves and with our priority being our clients, our vision is fulfilling yours. This means that we will support any interest our clients have to the degree that it will help them reach their goals and promote success.

Our Goals

Our Accomplishments

Study with FM has achieved a great network of social media influence as well as many contacts in the education industry. Our clientele are from all over the world which is evidence to our international success. We have a large variety of languages spoken by our agents and clientele have been nothing but impressed of our team.

Our Accomplishments
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Our Services


University Admission

Considering our client's info and their interests, we help them with the application process. This process often involves helping the students pick which universities are most suited to their needs and would most likely result in a successful application.


High School Registration

We will prepare the client in every aspect of the application process from the applications to the entry test to the interview. “By your side every step of the way” being our motto ensures our clientele of that.


Student Summer Camps

Some summer camps offer students the opportunity to explore a pre-college experience. These summer camps are mostly in Spain and Turkey. Language and communication skills are vastly improved in the camps.


Visa Assistance

Our goal is to make sure your applications are done and correctly submitted in a timely manner to make sure the client has the highest success rate. We also provide help to make sure that your Visa is kept up to date.

Universities and Schools

Here at Study with FM, there’s much communication between our agents and the corresponding universities and schools. Below are a few of our recent partnerships:

What Students Say

“Earning is a product of learning. You're only one step away from earning more.”

Do Your Homework for New Year’s Resolution: Going Back to School

New immigrant families, through community info sessions, newspapers and general word of mouth, have managed to realize that the Department of Education fails low-income students on many levels. Thus, they’ve sought out supplemental education, whether that be to hire tutors or to enroll students in enrichment programs to bridge those gaps starting from elementary school.

A Parent's Guide to Working with Their Children for English Classes

Intensive English courses are needed for people who want to improve their academic skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening . Students taking courses in high-intensity English are often English majors, which opens the door to a variety of careers . In addition, the skills acquired in intensive English classes can be used in journalism, creative writing and technical writing .

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